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We believe that people are much happier, given the opportunity, being nursed in their own home. They want to feel safe in familiar surroundings, with family and friends and the reassurance of having the same familiar care and nursing team available to them.

Nurse Call Registered Health Care Providers
Health & Social Care Standards Scotland


Nurse Call is unique, in that it offers both registered nursing and experienced care in supporting  all adults, including the older person, to maintain their choice to be at home. The service aims to support and assist people to remain in their own homes, rather than going into care homes or hospital and supports people with a holistic method to remain as independent as possible with a tailored, person-centred approach and participate as active citizens when accessing healthcare or projects within their local community.


Meeting the Health and Social Care Principles and Standards: ‘My Support, My Life’

Nurse Call are committed to meeting and promoting the 5 principles of dignity and respect, compassion, be included, responsive care, and support and wellbeing. If we do not meet these, those concerned can raise a concern with us, using our complaints procedure in the first instance, or complain to the Care Inspectorate.

Standard 1: I experience high quality care and support that is right for me

Nurse Call are dedicated in providing high quality, safe and compassionate care and support. This will be realised through a thorough pre-assessment phase. This phase will be Service user led and will encompass the views of family and carers. Together, we will form a holistic care plan accessible to all staff involved in the care, ensuring continuity. Nurse Call will maintain care through professional record keeping, maintaining confidentiality and consent throughout, whilst also being mindful and connected to the experiences and views of the Service user and any caregiver accessing the care so that they will feel valued and can contribute, in accordance with the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016.

Whenever possible, Service users will be able to choose the gender of the member of staff who will work directly with them, for reasons such as: dignity, with the intimate nature of personal care.

Standard 2: I am fully involved in all decisions about my care and support

Our person-centred approach will be used to ensure that voice, choice, control, privacy, respect and dignity is upheld, within human rights and wellbeing, in the care experienced. The Service user and any caregiver will be fully involved, whenever possible, taking the lead in their care planning and our future involvement, so that Nurse Call can get things right and ensure the quality of the care remains at the optimum level for the Service user. The care plan (and any amendments) will always be in discussion with the Service user, when capacity allows.

Planning through 3 key questions:

•       What care and support needs do I currently have?

•       What are my desired outcomes?

•       How do I want staff to support me to achieve my desired outcomes?

Nurse Call will be assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating and, as such, this care planning will be ever changing, as requested or required by all concerned, ensuring the correct support is given at the right time.

We will support Service users to realise their potential in Health matters, organisations and any community projects or hobbies they wish to be involved in.

Standard 3: I have confidence in the people who support and care for me

Our staff will go through ‘safer recruitment’ checks, as detailed in our recruitment policy. All care staff are members of the PVG scheme, including management.

Management consists of NMC registered nurses who work within their code of conduct. Managers have previous NHS primary care and management experience. Every Service user will have a ‘named nurse’, who they will personally know and can refer to.

Care staff will have a minimum of two years experience, be on the SSSC register and will work within their ‘codes of practice’. A carer will be qualified to a minimum SVQ2 and a senior carer, SVQ3. Staff will be chosen with the Health and Social Care Principles and Standards (2018) in mind.

In addition to staff induction, in-house/out sourced training will encompass the ‘Core skills Training Framework’ which includes statutory & mandatory courses, staff will receive further specific training relating to primary care settings to aid their continual professional development. Staff will be required to attend all training offered and are expected to keep up to date with good practice and meet the codes of conduct/practice required of them.

Staff receive supervision, where further training needs and suggestions can be explored. Nurse Call will endeavour to meet these needs where possible or will investigate sourcing such requests.

We will recognise when a multidisciplinary approach or any other external help or community input may be required. When advice or care is not within our experience, we aim to provide guidance or referral of where to get this help, as is appropriate.

Standard 4: I have confidence in the organisation providing my care and support

Our fundamental aim is to make certain that our Service users feel happy and well and can trust in their care provided by Nurse Call.

We will ensure we are fit to provide our services by monitoring our policies, procedures and practices so we are constantly improving the level of the care we offer.

We welcome all feedback and suggestions from our Service users, those important to them and our legislative bodies. We guarantee to listen and act on accordingly, to what they have to say and will encourage them to be heard through our visits or evaluation questionnaire.

Any complaint of any nature will be dealt with sensitively and in accordance with our policy, without any negative consequences for the Service user/family/their carer.

Our Service users need to be sure and confident that Nurse Call is a responsible and well-structured care company, with a professional management and staff team, whose knowledge, skills and attitudes are recognised, motivated, encouraged, developed and rewarded. Nurse Call recognises that it will be staff member’s loyalty and commitment to the company and importantly, to its Service users which will ultimately lead us to provide the highest quality care provision.

Standard 5: I experience a high-quality environment if the organisation provides the premises

Nurse Call does not provide care premises but will continually support the Service user in their own home.

Call NurseCall on 0141 387 9286

Comfort of own home person-centred

Choosing to stay in your own home can be described as ‘a state of ease or well-being, somewhere with good memories that soothes and relaxes the body and mind. Good for the soul.’

We offer a range of person-centred care services, to maintain optimum independence. With your consent, we can also support you or liaise with family, any existing services, health professionals, or community projects to ensure you get an all-encompassing experience.

Who we attend to conditions, age etc.

The people for whom we provide care and support

We provide nursing, care and support to:

  • Our age range consisting of adults, including older people.

Typical Service Users:

  • People with physical disabilities
  • People with acute or chronic health conditions
  • Post-Surgical rehabilitation
  • People with a sensory loss or impairment
  • People with learning disabilities or an autistic spectrum disorder
  • People with mental health problems
  • Health conditions may include; Dementia: Parkinson’s: Multiple Sclerosis: Stroke: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Diabetes: Arthritis: Cancer: CVA: Kidney disease: Crohn’s: Chronic Fatigue syndrome (not an exhaustive list)

What we provide

The services we offer

Taking the true time required. We are passionate about taking the time to know everything is done right, all is okay, and nothing is missed.

Nurse Call services include a 1-hour minimum visit in providing the best holistic care, unless this is deemed to be a well-being check or a nurse skilled task, up to 24/7 live in care. Our registered nurses and care workers are able to provide on a needs basis:

Personal care:

  • such as skin care
  • meal provision and help eating & drinking
  • prompting, assistance or administration of medication
  • washing or dressing
  • help with getting up and going to bed

Supportive services:

  • such as companionship
  • shopping and putting this away
  • laundry and light cleaning
  • organising of appointments
  • transport / chaperone service
  • accessing and maintaining health-based, family, friend and community appointments / groups

Nurse specific services:

  • enhanced awareness and management of both acute and chronic health conditions
  • observations
  • more complex medications
  • diabetes management
  • wound care
  • complete nail care (unless diabetic)

Nurse specific services contd.:

  • stoma care
  • palliative care
  • liaise with existing health services and work within the multi-disciplinary team
  • liaise with GP or consultants and receive referrals from them
  • accompany on appointments and help make sense of these
  • referral to other services

(All lists not exhaustive)

Same team

From your care needs to more complex nursing needs, the same familiar team can be with you from the beginning, right through to end-of-life care.

Our staff are assigned based on their particular areas of expertise and carefully matched so that a good relationship with the Service user is fostered from an early stage. It is always reassuring for the entire family to know that a skilled and professional nurse is there when needed.

If you or a relative have any serious health concerns or have had a terminal diagnosis, anything from one hour to a live-in nurse may be the best solution for everyone involved.

Every Service user will have a ‘named nurse’, who they will personally know and can refer to. Even if you do not require any nurse specific tasks, your own nurse will visit you sometimes and will be responsible in ensuring your care received is at its optimum.


Person-centred means tailored prices. The best way to know, is to contact us and ask for our free no obligation quote.

However, to give you an indication:

Costings will be tailor-made, depending on requirements by way of a weekly package following your assessment. If you were in receipt of Self-Directed Support (SDS), a large portion of this cost, could already be met.

Funding & Self-Directed Support

You may be eligible to apply for help with costs toward your privately arranged health and social care outcomes via Self Directed Support (SDS). SDS allows you to choose how your support is provided and gives you control of your budget. Your budget can be taken as a direct payment which could go towards your health and social care.

How can SDS help?

SDS allows you to have choice and control over the support you receive. This could be:

  • having support staff visit you at times you choose
  • enjoying the consistency of care that comes from employing your own personal assistants
  • the flexibility of using your budget to purchase services that meet your needs

How to access SDS

SDS is accessible to anyone who is assessed as requiring social care support. An assessment is an opportunity for you to tell (Customer First team) about your circumstances and to discuss your care and support needs.

If you’d like to request an assessment, please contact the Customer First team.


Customer First
Email: customerservices@eastrenfrewshire.gov.uk
Phone: 0141 577 3001

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